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Rev Up for the New Term – Reasons to visit our London nutrition clinic

It should be that summer is a super healthy time – loads of fresh food, lots of fresh air and exercise – late summer evenings on the beach.   No wonder we Brits just talk about the weather  - this summer has probably washed out all our good intentions along the way.

Now it is time to start the new term – I always start my New Year from September.

Time for new plans, new intention and new energy – the summer “sun” should have recharged our batteries ready for the winter.

Top tips for the new term:

  1. Read our Newsletter out in September – dedicated to this topic – with some great tips
  2. Book in for a Free life coaching chat (subject to availability) – see my last blog
  3. Think about cleaning up the Diet – a great time to assess where you are draining out your energy – The Diet MOT is a fab way to do this.
  4. Mums – you have been at it full on and full-time – get some serious YOU time booked in your diary.  I have recently discovered Hydro-Therm massages! Seriously wonderful

Go Well


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