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Tips for beating morning sickness

I’m now in my 24th week of pregnancy and feeling great! But this wasn’t the case during the first trimester of my pregnancy when I had morning sickness and felt very tired. Being a nutritional therapist I thought I would get off lightly with any pregnancy symptoms but this wasn’t the case!

I admit I found it difficult to eat healthily all the time during the first trimester but I figured that because my diet was healthy most of the time a few bowls of chips (my weakness) weren’t going to do any harm!

I found that a good pregnancy multivitamin and mineral and some liver support helped with the tiredness and the sickness. I also found the following helped greatly:

  • Eating little and often – even if you feel sick do try to eat something. As soon as your blood sugar dips/you have an empty stomach, the nausea can come on. Having something to eat as soon as you wake up such as a cracker or an oatcake can help with the sickness first thing in the morning.
  • Sea Bands – these are bands you wear on your wrists which work on a certain acupuncture point and can help reduce the nausea. I wore these during most of my first trimester (Amazon sells them).
  • New Chapter Ginger and Honey Tonic (from a good health food shop).
  • A course of acupuncture.

Thankfully I don’t feel sick at all anymore and my energy levels are brilliant. I am making sure my diet is as good as it can be (with the odd treat of course) and I am on a good supplement plan. I’m now making the most of my time before the little one arrives in November!

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