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Sustainable weight loss with Metabolic Balance

It still makes me smile when I talk to my many clients who have successfully lost weight through the Metabolic Balance diet programme.  They are delighted with the results, find it exciting to notice changes not only in their weight, but their body shape.  I don’t know many other diets that address the usual problem areas of hips and tummies so well.

The main concern of many of my clients after reaching their target weight is whether they’ll put the weight back on as soon as they have some treats.  It’s great to be able to reassure everyone that with Metabolic Balance, this rarely is the case.

The reason why Metabolic Balance creates sustainable weight loss is that it creates a shift in your metabolism.  Unlike many other diets which rely purely on calorie restriction, Metabolic Balance addresses the underlying biochemistry of your body and makes it easy to maintain your weight.

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