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Stuff the turkey not yourself

Yes we know, christmas time is a stressful time with all those festive parties, lunches and dinners, sorting out presents, getting the christmas tree up and running, writing christmas cards, queueing at the post office….The list goes on and on and you have probably stopped exercising weeks ago due to ‘being too busy’ and ‘you might as well start all over in January now’ and your usual healthy eating patterns seem to have gone all wrong by now.

But hey you say, again, what’s the point in sticking to it in December when everything is about overindulgence anyways and you’ll put on your usual 5 -8 pounds over the festive period anyways?

It doesn’t need to be that way. Let me tell you. Christmas is only one - two days of  ‘overeating’ so there’s really no need to throw all your good intentions out of the window. It’ll only get harder in January to go back to your healthy you and lose those christmas pounds!

That’s why it’s time to take the following thought on board: ‘stuff the turkey and not yourself’ . MAke sure you keep up the good work, incorporate your regular eating patterns, keep eating enough protein and all those immune boosting veggies and fruits out there now which are perfect in soups and stews. Eating well is all about preparation so while you’re doing your christmas shopping always make sure you buy some healthy snacks as well which you can keep in your drawers and handbag so you don’t have to opt for the mince pie lying around in the office. And if you really are too busy to exercise make sure you use every chance to be as active. Take the stairs, go for a walk, get off a tube stop before your home stop, have a dance at the christmas party, carry the presents up to the 4th floor , do some gardening, go ice-skating etc….

And overall, enjoy the festive time with your family and friends. It’s a time to be grateful and share with others.

In festive spirit,


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