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Could stress be contributing to your high cholesterol?

Clinical Case-Study:


Amanda came in the clinic worried about some test results from the Doctor – although the Doctor had said that she just need to monitor her cholesterol and didn’t need to take drugs – she was keen to keep it that way. She didn’t like the idea of being dependent on drugs.

We worked on her diet by getting her to eat:

  • A breakfast rich in fibre – oats are great
  • More beans and legumes
  • Eating lots of vegetables and some fruit (with skins on where possible)
  • Garlic, and raw onion
  • Foods rich in anti – oxidants
  • Foods such a walnuts, avocado, olive oil, salmon

We established that Amanda was under a great deal of pressure at work so we conducted a test called an adrenal stress index which showed that one of the major stress hormones, cortisol was depleted showing that Amanda had been under stress for some considerable while.

We corrected this negative position with a mixture of food (making sure she wasn’t contributing to more stress – eg with copious coffees) lifestyle (exercise) and supplements. We gave her some supplements to help the low cortisol, with B vits, and a supplement by Biocare called Sterolvite which in the short term helped reduce the high cholesterol – but it was the long term strategy in getting back to the root cause of the problem that proved significant.

Amanda’s doctor is pleased with progress and it looks increasingly unlikely that she will have to revert to a drug intervention.


If you are concerned about stress or your cholesterol & would like a consultation to put together a personalised nutrition programme to meet your needs, please call us now on 0845 0502442


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