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Is stress affecting your health?

How do you know if stress is affecting your health?  Most of my clients associate stress mostly with their mind rather than their body.  They get stressed about pressures at work, late running trains, or childcare.

Few realise that stress also has a physiological impact on the body.  One client recently came to see me complaining of constipation and bloating, difficulties falling asleep, and constant colds and coughs.  She was a busy working mum, and was getting frustrated with her variety of seemingly unrelated health problems.

To me, the most obvious common denominator for all the symptoms was stress.

In the case of my client, I suspected that her digestive problems and susceptibility to colds were a result of constant low grade stress down regulating these functions.  To make sure that we were on the right path, I asked her to do a test measuring levels of certain hormones that get produced in response to stress.

Not surprisingly, the results came back showing that she had elevated levels of stress hormones.  One of the hormones, cortisol, also controls our daily awake and sleep cycle, and raised levels can results in insomnia as in the case of my client.

To tackle her symptoms, I gave her some herbal supplements designed specifically to regulate stress hormone production, and some digestive enzymes to reduce bloating and ease constipation.  We also discussed potential ways of incorporating relaxation time into her week.  She was keen to try yoga, and also decided to dedicate an hour or two a week for herself reading a good book or taking a bath while her husband was looking after the children.

Over the coming weeks she noticed that her digestive problems started to ease off, and she was finding it easier to fall asleep.  Once her nutrition status started to recover as a result of the improved digestion, her immune system also perked up and was better able to fight off colds.

Do you think stress could be contributing to your symptoms?  Get in touch and let’s see if you could be feeling better.

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One Response to “Is stress affecting your health?”

  1. Healthygirl Says:

    Hello there.
    I do get stressed always but the difficulty is to identify that you’re stressed. And once you’re stressed (and finally realise) it’s almost too late to prevent and you’re in fighting mode to return to normal.
    Anyway, i get Reflexology and Massage done usually. that kinda prevents stress. At least it does for me.

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