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Recalibrate and re-energise

Recalibration is a great way to get back on track, if you feel you’ve slightly over done it on the food front, and find you have tumbled off the healthy diet band wagon.

One of my recent clients, Christine, came to see me recently.  Her main aim was to ‘eat healthier, lose a bit of weight, and generally feel better about myself’.  We established that there wasn’t anything particularly wrong with Christine’s health, she had just had a particularly busy and stressful time in her life over the past couple of months.  She felt she had slightly lost her way with her food choices, and was prone to comfort eating and grabbing food on the go.  She felt bloated and sluggish much of the time, but found it difficult to motivate herself to eat better.

I introduced her to the recalibration concept, which involves cutting out red meat, wheat, dairy, sugar, alcohol and caffeine for a two week period.  In addition, I gave Christine a recipe for a breakfast shake, which included some highly nutritious supplements to boost her overall nutrient intake.  For her lunches and dinners, she was enjoying lots of vegetables with a portion of protein either from fish or beans, and having some brown rice on the side.

Christine came back to see me a week after she had finished her recalibration.  She was really pleased and excited about her results.  She felt more energised, had lost 3 pounds of weight, her bloating had gone, and most importantly, was full of motivation to continue the build on her healthier eating habits.

If you think you could benefit from a post-holiday two week recalibration, get in touch , make an appointment at our London nutrition clinics and give your energy levels a boost.

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