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The Power of NO!


You don’t know how to say No to a person then please learn because a single Yes can eat up your fruitful quality time. People will respect for being open and honest enough to say you are unable or unwilling to do something as long as you explain your reasons. Saying no at the appropriate time can be a great confidence booster too.

1) If you don’t know how to say NO, people will take undue advantage of you. At the office you will be bogged down with your work and the work of others while they sit back and enjoy themselves.

2) Be aware that additional work or demands will often come from your boss or your peers because you cannot say “NO”.

3) As a parent you need to understand when to say NO or else your children will take undue advantage. Children have no scrupples and will often push boundaries. Saying no can set healthy boundaries and is good discipline.

4) If you cannot meet a person’s expectations just tell them NO rather than thinking what will they think if I say NO and then worrying or becoming stressed. Explain why you can’t do what they want and help them with an alternative solution if that is appropriate.

5) Its always better to say NO rather than saying YES for additional work and then suffering afterwards.

Be true to yourself, you understand yourself better than anyone else. You have to understand when and how to say NO. The people who are close to your heart may feel bad if they hear a NO from you, so you very well need to understand how to tell NO them assertively without hurting their feelings and without giving in to the situation.

It happens to everybody and you are not the only one. In day to day life we face these situations and it’s upto us how well we can manage that situation.

If we start doing others work there will be an imbalance in our own life which may have other implications further down the line.

Try out the power of saying “NO” and be a different and transformed person

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