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Perfect vegetables for detox juices

At the beginning of the month the European Commission abolished 20-year old rules that prevented imperfect fruit and vegetables from being sold on supermarket shelves.  This is fantastic news, especially for organic growers.  With organic fruit and vegetables the focus is on the inner quality of the food, rather than the outer appearance, and fresh, seasonal produce is often naturally mis-shapen.  Now naturally knobbly carrots and wonky cucumbers can be sold, and at an estimated 40% reduction in price.  Fantastic.

I think we should all embrace this change as a wonderful opportunity to reach for our juicers.  The fruit and vegetables might be slightly wonky, but they’ll be cheap and still nutrient-rich and delicious.  Fresh juices are amazingly detoxing, and ideal for health rejuvenation and vitality.  The nutrients from juices are absorbed extremely fast, so they really are liquid nutrition for the body.  So a mis-shapen vegetable detox juice is a perfect way to start the week and a great detox from the weekend excesses.  Be brave and experiment with some greens – include some cucumber, celery, spinach, and sweeten with a little apple or pear, or spice it up with some ginger and lemon.  Once you start, you wont be able to stop!

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