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Diet MOT June Offer

June 25, 2012

Do you want to lose weight and feel healthier and more energetic?

If this sounds like you and you’re up for making some positive lifestyle changes for the summer, then we can help with a diet MOT. We’ll review your diet and get you on track for a healthy, more positive you.

What will it cost?


The cost of the MOT is £50 for a 45 minute session with Cheryl.  Offer available on sessions booked before the 18th July 2012.

Call 0845 0502442 to book your session now.

Embracing Food – Nutrition Case Study

June 25, 2012

Many people come to our clinic seeing food as a battlefield. They are afraid of food as it seems that it conspires against them – it becomes the enemy – food is then something that people think about constantly. How can it be avoided? How can they justify having a “treat”? How can they get out of eating at a dinner party? Should they have that ice cream and if so when?

At The Nutrition Coach the best method we have for teaching people how to have a normal relationship with food and see food as a celebration is our Dump The Diet course. We are teaching people to see that of course you need structure and rules but the rules should never actually “lead”. In other words we should understand that food is not the enemy but a wonderful gift to be enjoyed.  We introduce people to the concept of seeing food through the eyes of our “grown up selves” – in other words if we celebrated all the time i.e. did what we wanted then of course we have to accept the consequences of that as adults. We may put on weight for example or our choices may affect our energy – so food becomes about choices. It is not about being restricted and told off if we don’t make those good choices, the only responsibility is to ourselves.

Of course if we celebrated all the time then food would not be a celebration it would just be something normal! So celebration is just that – something we do occasionally but not every single day. But when we do celebrate it is important to enter into that celebration (without going nuts and stuffing our faces!) – Celebration is about more than the food.  It is about community, sharing, happiness, (think weddings) hope (think Christenings) family – Food has been used since the dawn of time to mark something very special about being human!

When Katy came to see us she saw food as something that constantly occupied her every waking thought. On a trip to Spain to celebrate her 10th Wedding anniversary, ALL she thought about was when and if she should treat herself to an ice cream and then feeling guilty for “giving” in to her food desires – then bashing herself up mentally for caving in on her “diet”. After doing the Dump The Diet course (we do this course as personal one on one sessions) – she learnt to relax about food – she learnt strategies to cope with celebrations that didn’t cause her to go the other way and binge…in short she grew up around food and food choices!

Celebrating with Food

June 20, 2012

There’s certainly been a lot of celebration in the air lately what with the Queens Jubilee weekend and the fast approaching Olympic Games. It’s got me thinking about how people relate to foods in celebratory situations.

Something that I see in clinic time & time again is the sense that a celebration where food is involved is something to fear or be wary of, particularly for those hoping to lose a bit of weight. It’s very easy in these events to go down a negative path whereby what you choose to eat becomes bad & wrong.

Let’s get this straight, there are no bad & wrong foods. If you were starving in the desert a double cheeseburger would save your life. On the opposite end of the spectrum however, a daily helping of French fries could send you to an early grave.

It’s really all about a cascade of choice: being an adult about your choices & deciding in the moment what is & isn’t appropriate for you to consume. A good way to come to this decision is to use a little rule that we nutritionists stole from the business world – the 80 / 20 rule. We have a slightly different take on it however. Here’s how it works: as long as 80% of the time you choose foods that you know are whole foods and nourishing to the body, the other 20% of the time – DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT!

Worrying is the worst thing you can do. What benefit is a mental bashing going to provide you with? This kind of mindset just leads to a sense of failure and a declaration of “I’ve blown it now”. The typical end result is a few days of comfort eating down to the fact that you’ve fallen off the bandwagon anyway, so you may as well get stuck into the multi pack of crisps or box of chocolates.

It’s unrealistic to think you need to eat ‘healthy’ foods 100% of the time – that’s just weird & on the verge of disordered eating. Celebrations with food are an integral part of a balanced life. What kind of life would it be without a summer BBQ or a slice of chocolate cake?

When we take the stress out of what to do around food at these events, we’re left with the opportunity to see what these celebrations are really all about in the first place – HUMAN CONNECTEDNESS. So next time you go somewhere negative in your mind about the choices you’re going to make at a gathering – shift the focus – look to what’s really important – the eye contact, the sharing of stories, the spreading of love amongst people. And allow the food to do what it was designed to do, unite you all together in peace & harmony.


5 simple tips for a healthy weight

June 15, 2012
  • Balance the blood sugar – we can show you how you would do this on our courses. Balancing your blood sugar means that you have consistent energy across the day.   Our system is loosely based on The Glycaemic idex diets – but it is a lot easier!
  • Make sure you have checked for clinical symptoms  – sometimes it is not your imagination.  It can be much harder to lose weight if you have something in your health that is preventing this from happening – eg if you had a thyroid problem, or a yeast infection, syndrome X, PCOS to name but a few conditions which makes it extra hard to lose weight.  Your Nutrition Coach practitioner can help you get to the bottom of any possible problems.
  • Make sure you are drinking enough water – water helps carry nutrients around the body, hydrates the cells, and flushes out toxins.  It helps us eliminate properly through the bowel.
  • Eat Breakfast – your most important meal of the day.  Studies show that people who don’t eat breakfast are more overweight than people who do.  But make sure it is the “right” breakfast -  no super sweet cereals please.
  • Exercise – make sure you are doing the right exercise.  I see people who are very stressed doing too much cardio training.  This will make the situation worse.   Go back to your trainer and get them to devise a new programme with you that incorporates a mix of weights, stretching and walking.

For more info. on our weight loss programmes or a free 15 minute health check to see how we can help call us now on 0845 0502 442



Why Diets are Bad for Your Health

May 28, 2012

Here at the Nutrition Coach we don’t do diets, for the simple reason that for the vast amount of the population they just don’t work & could actually be detrimental to your health. We all know the drill – you discover the new fad that everyone is raving about, you buy the book or swot up online, you clean out the cupboards and stock up on ……………. [insert as appropriate: cabbage / meal replacement shakes / high protein foods / low-fat yogurts], you have every good intention of seeing it through to the end. This time you’re going to fit into that little black dress, or tone up that beer belly. If you’re lucky and can push past day five you may even get some good results. But how long are those results going to last? A year, a month, a week? Studies have proven that it’s usually not for life, quite the opposite actually.

Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), reviewed 31 long-term studies lasting between 2 to 5 years. Their findings showed that a very small minority of study participants managed to sustain weight loss, while the majority put all the weight back on, with the addition of more weight gain in the long term. Their conclusion was that diets do not lead to sustained weight loss or health benefits for the majority of people & it would have been better for most of them if they did not go on a diet at all. This way their weight may have remained more stable in the long-term and their body would not have suffered the wear and tear of losing weight then regaining.

For most people the word DIET conjures up another key word – FAILURE, so of course it’s doomed from the word go. People embarking on a diet, already have an expectation as to how it’s going to go – not well – this is often based on their past experience, but also the general collective consciousness that this is how diets go. The reason diets don’t work is simple – it’s a diet, NOT a healthy, sustainable lifestyle change.

In our clinical experience people are sick & tired of dieting, quite literally, and are ready for a fresh approach to the whole topic of weight loss. The key to healthy, life-long weight loss with a side helping of vibrant overall health, is to not go on a diet at all, but to take on your eating habits one step at a time. You can’t expect yourself to change unhealthy habits over night, even though this is exactly what a diet demands of you. Baby steps are key, have a look at your food choices today and choose one thing that you’re going to work on to form a new healthy eating habit around. For example, swap that chocolate bar in the afternoon for a juicy pear and a handful of hazelnuts. Then once you have mastered this take on another healthy food challenge that you can get your teeth into. With this strategy you’re basically reprogramming brain patterns with new habits around food and before you know it you’ll be reaping the benefits and will never look back.


For a FREE 15 minute chat today on how we can assist you in LOSING WEIGHT HEALTHILY call us now on 0845 050 2442.


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Dump the Diet May Offer

May 26, 2012

- Do you want to lose weight, feel healthier & more energetic?

- Have you tried every diet going without long-term success?

- Do you easily lose motivation or lack the will power to stick to a diet?

- Do you want to get off the diet treadmill forever, change your attitude to food, and liberate yourself from ever having to worry about your weight again?

If this sounds like you, a family member, or a friend, our personalised weight loss programme will offer all of you a refreshingly different approach.


This month we’re adding an EXTRA BONUS SESSION to our course completely FREE when you or a loved one sign up to the course.

All you have to do is quote the special offer code: “BONUS-SESSION” when you call.


For a life-time of better eating and easier weight control – what’s it worth?

The whole course is just £450 in total for a 1 hour initial consultation, and 6 follow-ups (usually 5 follow-ups). This extra bonus session is worth an additional £60!


The offer is available on courses booked before Wednesday 15th June.

If you or a friend is up for getting off that dieting treadmill once & for all, please call 0845 0502442 now and quote the special offer code: “BONUS-SESSION” when you call.


I must admit that I wasn’t sure about the system when I started my journey with Kate and The Nutrition Coach. Looking back now I see that the small changes weren’t hard to implement (they come in at a very slow pace). I think the most rewarding thing about this diet is that you feel proud about the food you eat and that the food itself is so tasty and varied you don’t feel like you’re on a diet at all. The benefits come quickly: better skin, more energy through out the day etc. And yes, you also start seeing your body getting smaller and smaller… but in a natural way. I can say with certainty that these changes are for life. Catarina, TV Producer, London

“…making small changes to my diet wasn’t at all an upheaval and didn’t feel anything like a diet!!” Hannah, London

“… I felt that for the first time in many years I wasn’t afraid of food and could relax about it…” Sarah, full-time mum, London

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