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Lose weight while you eat

August 16, 2009


The Nutrition Coach is featured in an article in Cosmopolitan magazine focusing on aspects of The Nutrition Coach’s Dump The Diet programme.

It is one of nature’s cruellest jokes: some girls can munch through a box of Krispy Kremes and still wake up with a washboard stomach while others only have to look at a doughnut to feel their jeans tighten.

But don’t give up on your body just yet. New research suggests that with just a few tweaks to our daily diet, we can boost our metabolisms and burn calories faster.

Here are just a couple of the tips in the article:

#: Eat spicy foods. Chilli pepper and mustard seeds – two spices often found in Thai, Mexican and Indian dishes – can help your body burn extra calories thanks to a process called thermo-genesis.

#: Replace starchy carbs at lunchtime – such as sandwiches made with white bread and jacket potatoes – with wholewheat turkey wraps, baked salmon with brown rice or a vegetable stir fry sprinkled with ground quinoa.

Read the article here and here.

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Life Coaching in London

August 14, 2009

Design a new courageous future

The Nutrition Coach also specialises in Life Coaching, we are not just London Nutritionists – we are sometimes doing straight “Nutrition Coaching” – ie getting people where they want with their eating and their life – but sometimes we widen out the brief to include looking at sorting people’s lives too.

For those of you that don’t know much about Life Coaching – life coaching really helps you formulate a plan for the future, getting you to prioritise according to your goals and values.   Sometimes people come to us wanting to sort out their nutrition but it is really their life that needs some adjustment as busy, busy schedules with no boundaries (staying super late at work) stops us taking care of ourselves and our health.  We become our very last priority and our goals and dreams start to get eroded.  Especially in a climate of fear, where because of economic forces people feel afraid to make change and ambitious plans for the future – lots of people at the moment are hanging on to a life they don’t want like barnacles on the bottom of a boat.  I help people design a new courageous future whatever the economic or political storms!

Until the end of September 2009 we are offering a free life coaching session (of 40 minutes)  with me,  Kate Cook – to see if the coaching process is for you.  You can do this on the phone if that is easier, although I always like to meet if possible  – my diary is limited so, the only rules are,  I am available on Mondays and Tuesdays between 10 – 4 (subject to availability) and you must ring in at the appointed time.  To arrange ring the switchboard 0845 050 2442 or contact us by email – check out the bit on life coaching first on the site.

Food labeling and menu development

August 14, 2009

Food labeling and Menu Development

The Food Standard’s Agency (FSA) has recently been making noises about making the food labeling scheme it is running on a voluntary basis compulsory.  This seems to be the back up plan, should the voluntary labeling not be taken up by enough retailers and caterers.

The whole idea of labeling may feel a bit daunting from a retailers or restaurateur’s point of view – your most popular and delicious dish may actually show a bright red light when it comes to saturated fat and salt content.  Through our food consultancy services in London, we have been liaising with restaurants and caterers for a while now, helping them better understand the nutritional value of their dishes.   We can then flag the dishes that may come under scrutiny as far as the FSA standards are concerned, and act as restaurant menu development consultants to help improve the balance of healthy dishes on the menu.

Even without altering your menu, there is value in understanding more about the nutritional facts of your dishes.  We have often worked with clients who want help from someone who can help develop nutrition facts on menus.  In practice, this means analysing the nutritional contents of the dishes, and highlighting any positive nutritional messages.  For example, for one client we helped identify that their cooking processes involved using high quality olive and walnut oils, which contain beneficial fatty acids, instead of using much butter or other saturated fats.  This was a positive health message that we could then help communicate to their client base.

I can’t really think of any restaurant that couldn’t benefit from understanding the nutritional contents of their menus better, particularly if the FSA is thinking of making the labeling compulsory.  Now is the time to look at what your selling points are, where you might want to tweak things a bit – all before it’s right there in front of the consumer.

Our experience through the one-to-one clinical consultations is that consumers are becoming more aware of what they are eating, and prefer to have healthy choices available (even though they don’t always want to go for them!).  We find the combination of running the food consultancy service and the individual clinic consultations gives us a unique ability to advice retailers on what consumers want and how best to communicate this.

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Endometriosis diet plan and back pain

August 10, 2009

Endometriosis diet plan and back pain

Endometriosis is one of the most common gynaecological problems, and something that women frequently come to the clinic to seek dietary advice on.  As well as excruciating and heavy periods, I often see women who desperately want to address the accompanying bloating and back pain that they experience with every cycle.  The great news is that following a specific diet plan really works for managing the pain.

An endometriosis diet plan focuses on ways to control excess oestrogen that the body is producing or taking in from the environment (as endometriosis grows in the presence of oestrogen), as well as improving liver function so that excess oestrogen is efficiently removed.  We also look at inflammatory foods in the diet that contribute to pain and swelling in the pelvic and back regions, and replacing these foods with anti-inflammatory alternatives.  We have seen fantastic results in our London clinics, where numerous women have followed and diet and supplement plan for endometriosis and after a couple of months have had periods without any pain at all.

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Contact Us

August 8, 2009

For those of you who have known The Nutrition Coach for a while, you will notice,  of course,  that we have had a radical website make over recently.  We are not officially launching until September, when we will announce it to the world in our newsletter, but those of you who have had a sneaky look, what do you think?  We are launching a shop in the Autumn and we are just trying to get that up and going before we get the trumpets out.  These things take time!

The nice thing is that our newsletter and website are attracting old clients and patients back to the fold – I LOVE hearing from everyone again – and pretty much, although I have seen about 5000 people face to face – I never forget anyone!   You all remain part of The Nutrition Coach Family – so please do get back in touch.  One lady contacted us again this week because she thought she might have a gut infection and another is going to start Dump The Diet (she did Life Coaching with me in 2003) – I am so looking forward to seeing them again!

We are so lucky that we get to do the job we love with some wonderful people (corny I know but all true)

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Dump The Diet case study

August 5, 2009
The Nutrition Coach in Zest magazine

The Nutrition Coach in Zest magazine

The Nutrition Coach is featured in an article in Zest magazine focusing on The Nutrition Coach’s Dump The Diet programme.

Alex, 32, from London, was fed up with trying endless diets that didn’t work. She desperately wanted to reach a happy size 12 – without going on a diet – and stay that way. She had six face-to-face session with The Nutrition Coach founder Kate Cook, who runs the Dump The Diet programme.

Kate says:

“Alex has managed to get out of the dieting mentality and adopt many new habits, like eating breakfast.  I’ve worked with her to change her attitude to food and stop seeing it as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and she has really improved this aspect of her life. I think she is becoming relaxed in her own skin and realising she is beautiful just as she is, and if she carried on with the good habits she’ll feel better and better.”

Read the article here and here.

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