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Life Coaching for the New Term

September 10, 2009

It is finally summer just when we thought it was Autumn – I am sitting here in glorious sunshine and enjoying every minute of it!

I look on September as the beginning of the new term – so, if you haven’t don’t so already – it is time to make a plan for the next three months – what are your goals and aspirations?


I am just about to sit down and work out what the next three months hold for me.  We so often just live life without having a real sense of where we are going or what we want to achieve.  You could book in with me and we could do a brainstorm together.  I  love doing this!  I had a client on the phone yesterday ringing from Spain – and although we couldn’t sort out totally in one session of Life Coaching, she has some small steps to put in place to carry her next life destination.  Take up the offer of an introductory session for free until the end of September (of course subject to my availability!)

Your body

Also once the summer excesses have worn off,  I find it a great time to review my diet generally thing about the DIET MOT – and get going with a plan!

The Universe!

I plan to start my meditation sessions again – I have thousands of books on meditation, but that of course, doesn’t actually make you meditate – it is the doing of it.  I will have to let you know how I get on with that one!

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Recalibrate and re-energise

September 10, 2009

Recalibration is a great way to get back on track, if you feel you’ve slightly over done it on the food front, and find you have tumbled off the healthy diet band wagon.

One of my recent clients, Christine, came to see me recently.  Her main aim was to ‘eat healthier, lose a bit of weight, and generally feel better about myself’.  We established that there wasn’t anything particularly wrong with Christine’s health, she had just had a particularly busy and stressful time in her life over the past couple of months.  She felt she had slightly lost her way with her food choices, and was prone to comfort eating and grabbing food on the go.  She felt bloated and sluggish much of the time, but found it difficult to motivate herself to eat better.

I introduced her to the recalibration concept, which involves cutting out red meat, wheat, dairy, sugar, alcohol and caffeine for a two week period.  In addition, I gave Christine a recipe for a breakfast shake, which included some highly nutritious supplements to boost her overall nutrient intake.  For her lunches and dinners, she was enjoying lots of vegetables with a portion of protein either from fish or beans, and having some brown rice on the side.

Christine came back to see me a week after she had finished her recalibration.  She was really pleased and excited about her results.  She felt more energised, had lost 3 pounds of weight, her bloating had gone, and most importantly, was full of motivation to continue the build on her healthier eating habits.

If you think you could benefit from a post-holiday two week recalibration, get in touch , make an appointment at our London nutrition clinics and give your energy levels a boost.

Beautiful skin starts from the inside

September 9, 2009


Do you suffer from a skin problem such as eczema, psoriasis, acne rosacea or acne? If you do then you are certainly not alone. We often see clients with skin problems many of whom have suffered for years and come to us as a last resort having tried every pill and potion available.

Whilst creams and medication can help to control skin problems it doesn’t get to the root cause of the condition. In our experience skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, acne or acne rosacea can be caused by an underlying health problem such as poor digestion, sluggish liver function, a lack of nutrients, and food intolerances.

For example, I recently saw a client at my Blackheath nutrition clinic who suffered from psoriasis. He was managing to keep it under control using various creams but he felt like it was getting worse and it was starting to affect his self-confidence. The client was a big drinker – he worked long stressful hours and a few drinks at the end of the day and binge drinking at the weekend was his way of relaxing.

I explained that his alcohol intake and stressful lifestyle was likely to be affecting his skin health. High alcohol levels and stress can take its toll on liver function, which is often shown in the skin. In addition, his diet was high in sugar and low in key nutrients required for skin health.

We got to work by cleaning up his diet and reducing his alcohol intake. I also recommended some supplements aimed at improving digestion as his gut health was far from optimal and this could have been contributing to the psoriasis. We also discussed some stress management techniques to help him cope with his hectic lifestyle.

Just a few months on the client’s psoriasis is greatly improved – he no longer relies on the creams to keep his psoriasis under control. He also feels much calmer and more energised.

Find out more about how we can improve your skin health and get in touch to make an appointment at one of our London nutrition clinics (Central London and Blackheath)

Kim Porter

Do you want to look and feel fantastic on your wedding day?

September 7, 2009

Everyone dreams of the perfect wedding day, and at The Nutrition Coach we recognise that no amount of event organisation will produce the perfect day if you don’t feel happy with your body.  Being over your ideal weight, feeling bloated, having skin breakouts, or feeling low in energy can all affect confidence and how much you truly embrace the day.

Over the summer months i’ve seen a number of bride-to-be clients undergo a mini transformation in time for their big day.  They have immersed themselves in one of The Nutrition Coach wedding detox programmes and have broken away from negative eating habits to start married life looking and feeling fantastic.  The magic of detox diets is that they have so many health benefits, including helping to improve skin, digestion, mood, immunity, weight and energy levels – and with so much more vitality, you can’t help feeling fantastic.

The Nutrition Coach wedding detox programmes are ideal for anyone wanting to look and feel fantastic at a wedding, whether you’re the bride or groom, or the mother of the bride, bridesmaid or best man.

Find out more about our Fast Wedding Detox Diet and our Complete Wedding Detox Diet and contact us to make an appointment for a consultation at one of our London nutrition clinics.

Julia Alderman

Corporate Nutrition in Action!

September 4, 2009

Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending the day at a top bank in the city delivering a corporate wellness day (Corporate Nutrition day) for a group of 9 ladies from their special events team.

In our preliminary talks the lady who was organising the day made it clear that she thought that her team were well aware of health/healthy eating as they all were keeping fit at the gym and some were watching their weight.  She said that she really wanted a new approach that wasn’t just going to show them what they already knew.    But the team suffer from low energy and tiredness.

“Hmm” I said.  “Tell me about what you had for breakfast”

Skipped breakfast

“Ok” says I “What about yesterday?”

Recovering from a heavy night, muffin, latte

“Hmm” I say  “Think I can teach you something”

We started the day with a presentation that I had prepared especially for them on Vibrant Energy – We then looked at the ladies’ food diaries and gave them some really practical steps for them to achieve in the next four weeks – really easy things that will help to restore energy.

We did a little bit of fun stuff, a zinc taste test – which checks for mineral deficiencies – only one of the group wasn’t deficient.  You can get low in zinc if you are in a demanding job and burning the candle at both ends!  Zinc helps in many reactions in the body and is important for immunity.

We did a session on how they might be able to improve the food menus that are offered at events/brainstorming/ strategy sessions at the bank – to keep the delegates alert and motivated

Finally we wandered over to Borough Market to wander amongst the stalls – I had prepared a piece on seasonal foods -  once you know what is in season – you know how to shop locally and to get really good nutritious food  for both home and the work place.

With really small steps – it is amazing what energy great nutrition can give the work arena – what is often surprising is that we think we know what to do – I find that more than often, what is offered at work as “healthy” choices is the very thing that is causing the tiredness!

Find out more about Corporate Nutrition and contact us at one of our London nutrition clinics to find out how we can work with you.


What chronic symptoms are you putting up with?

September 3, 2009

I recently saw a man in his forties who had had digestive problems for the past 10 years, including alternating diarrhoea and constipation coupled with bloating and cramping.  His doctor had finally classified his symptoms as IBS and told him to ‘eat more carefully’.

As much as he tried though he didn’t seem to be able to pinpoint any particular foods that made his symptoms worse.  They just kept appearing at random intervals.  I recommended that we do a stool test to find out what really was going on.  The results showed an overgrowth of unwanted bacteria and some parasites.  Both of these can cause IBS like symptoms, so no wonder his route of food elimination hadn’t worked.

We used some specific supplements to kill off the unwanted visitors and boosted his own bacterial balance with supplemental friendly bacteria.  After just 4 weeks the changes were starting to happen, and his digestive complaints were getting less and less frequent.

So what is your persistent complaint that you have been ignoring?  Is it something to do with your health, or perhaps something complete different?  Start the new term by deciding not to put up with symptoms that impact your quality of life!

Contact us to make an appointment for a consultation at one of our London nutrition clinics.


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