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New IBS Clinic at The Nutrition Coach

July 13, 2010

Great news!  The Nutrition Coach has launched our own more specialised IBS Clinics (irritable bowel syndrome) which will at the moment run in Harley Street on a Tuesday.   For those of you who have been putting off dealing with your tummies – we are also offering a free Food Intolerance Indicator with every IBS appointment booked.  Just mention IBS clinic when booking.

We are so passionate about Guts – and don’t believe that is is just bad luck!  Bloating, gas and wind should not be something you live with – watch this space for more IBS news and views

Don’t suffer with IBS! Solve it!

June 16, 2010

I love guts!  Yesterday I was dealing with a lady who had suffered horrible IBS for a number  of years.  In this lady’s case, I asked her to do a Gut Function Test (a stool sample sent to a lab) –  we often  do this test as it is almost impossible just to guess what is going on in the bowel – Often the doctor is just giving us bulking agents (fibre) to peppermint oil (for spasm) without knowing the underlying causes.   Of course, it is always best to go to the doctor first – as the doctor can rule out any serious problems.

With my patient yesterday I was able to tell what was wrong from the results of the test – she had very low digestive enzymes, the immunity in her gut was very low (SIgA) – but she also has a parasite (B. Hominis) and H.Pylori (Bacterial infection) – with a bit of luck, now we know what is actually going on we are able to address the root causes of this.  Patience is the watch word – but we will make very good progress!

Healthier eating and more informed choice in restaurants

June 16, 2010

A little known part of what we do at The Nutrition Coach is working for some of the major high street brands in developing their healthy eating strategies.  We can analyse the menus of our favourite restaurants and help advise on how to make changes for Optimum Health – We are really passionate about this side of our work as it brings Nutrition in a very practical way to our eateries – and gives us better choices

We have just been asked to present to a major hotel chain – who want to be able to offer their clients a really beneficial menu choice to optimise the health of their customers – a really stunning idea and very forward thinking which will pay dividends!

Dump the Bikini Diet – DUMP THE DIET INSTEAD!

June 16, 2010

The most horrible thing about this time of year is the wholly unnatural panic about the so-called Bikini Diet – WHO is wearing bikinis anyway except 19 year old models – Don’t panic if you need to lose a couple of pounds – just get ON with the action! Ie – Get to know what you have to do (easy) then apply it (more difficult)!  Just Dump The Diet!

The main thing is when you are trying to lose weight is not to go into a spin – these things can often take longer than we expect.  I met a lady today in my yoga class who said she was happy to lose 2 lbs a month (yet the pressure from the media/ourselves is 2lbs a week!  Yet, if she keeps this up she will have lost 24 lbs in a year..quite a lot.  So, if you are in a flap about your August hols and baring all on the beach – remember that is 3 months off yet – 6lbs is perfectly respectable!   Anyway, best not to get hung up with the amount of weight on the scales – just keep an eye on the waistband of the trousers!  Never buy a bigger pair of trousers!

Dump the Diet

Metabolic Balance recipe

June 10, 2010

I thought I’d share with you an easy lunch that would be suitable for most of my Metabolic Balance clients. The quantities would vary slightly according to your personal details, and you may not have all of the items listed on your personal plan, but for those of you who are wondering what sorts of meals you might be having on the plan I hope this gives you some inspiration and ideas!

Serves 1

Salad base
90g of baby spinach leaves
20g of cucumber, cubed into small pieces
20g of green olives

On the top
130g of cooked prawns
2 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil
1 tbsp of grated ginger
1 clove of crushed garlic
1/2-1 finely chopped red chilli (according to taste!)
Dash of fish sauce

Mix the oil, ginger, garlic, chilli and fish sauce in a bowl. Add the prawns and coat them in the marinade.

Assemble the salad in the meantime, and add the prawns together with the marinade on top. Enjoy!

Metabolic Balance Success Story

June 3, 2010

Another lovely story from a happy Metabolic Balance weight loss client:

I decided to follow the MB eating plan to rebalance my metabolism and get my body in better overall working order – and with two main aims in mind. Firstly, with a view to losing the two stone I had put on since having had my first child and having unfortunately experienced a number of miscarriages trying to have a second one. Secondly, with the aim of getting my body fit to cope with trying to have another baby and avoid having another miscarriage in the process.

As eating plan aims to reduce your insulin levels, keep cravings at bay and encourages your body to keep any weight loss from coming back, I thought this plan to be a good choice for me personally.

Month one of the eating plan was focused and challenging. However, because the weight loss was rapid I was spurred on to keep going. I lost 9lbs within the first couple of weeks. Since the first month I have kept to the principles of the eating plan but not stuck rigidly to the plan itself but I have still continued to lose weight. Overall I have lost 17lbs and dropped two dress sizes. I have lost 4 inches on my hips, 3and a half inches on my waist and two inches on my thighs. Wow! I’ve never been on a diet in my life and this was certainly the best one to go for. The great thing about the eating plan is that you can follow it again properly for an amount of time to lose some more weight when you want to.

I am happy with my weight loss to date and have wanted to let both my body and my emotions get used to the weight loss before trying to lose more weight again. I am now following it again for a month and hope to lose about half a stone – I will then leave it there for a while and see how I feel in a couple of months.

I have to be honest and admit that I feel that the weight loss was relatively easy to achieve. I am the sort of person who loves eating, is always out socialising and drinking, and hates feeling deprived. I genuinely believe that if I can do it, anyone can!

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