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Nutrition – the alternative to IVF abroad

IVF is frequently in the headlines, and last week was no exception with ‘fertility tourism’ splashing the pages.  According to a European-wide study, hundreds of British couples are travelling to the continent every month for fertility treatment because they cant get it at home.  Couples who are over the age of 40 are unlikely to be eligible for IVF on the NHS, which is the main reason for the move to seek treatment abroad.

The question is, is ‘fertility tourism’ the best answer? The national UK average success rate for IVF is approximately 23%.  This is compared with a success rate of close to 80% when a holistic approach, including changes to diet and lifestyle and adding nutritional supplements, is followed.  The food you eat, nutritional deficiencies, excess toxicity and lifestyle all have a dramatic effect on the health of your reproductive system.  Here at The Nutrition Coach, we have seen a huge number of couples successfully conceive after adopting a carefully tailored nutrition programme.  In my opinion, nutrition offers a more successful and affordable alternative to IVF trips abroad, and that holidays should be all about relaxation, exploring and generally having a wonderful time.

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