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The Nutrition Coach at The Spirit Of Summer Fair, Olympia, London

We have just had a really fun week doing an event at Olympia in London – We were at the Spirit of Summer Fair – and we were there to talk to the public and to do a series of workshops on Getting a Summer body!  At The Nutrition Coach we have two different approaches to Weight loss – One is our Dump The Diet Programme, which is for those of you who are sick of yo-yo dieting and want to get off that treadmill forever.  It is about knowing what to do, and having a coach (usually me Kate) taking you through it.  I love delivering this course (by the way we do it one on one and also in groups) – it covers what I call “dieting metality” too – ie the “head” reasons as to why we dont apply something we know would really improve our lives.  It is more of a broadbrush stroke approach and we deliver it over a time span of three months so as to make new habits a part of daily life.  I call it a Forever Diet!  Our other approach, The Metabolic Programme is a based on a blood test and is more precise in terms of how you apply it (weighing food for example) it is great for those of you who have seriously tried to lose weight but cant whatever you do!

At the Fair – Sanna and I gave a number of talks on our two different approaches!  Here is Sanna on the podium delivering her stuff!

Metabolic Programme -Sanna doing her stuff at The Spirit of Summer Fair

Metabolic Programme -Sanna doing her stuff at The Spirit of Summer Fair

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