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The Myth Of The One Size Fits All Diet

Most of us realise that a “good diet” is important for our well-being and many of us think we are eating healthily. But what is a “good diet”? We are bombarded with newspaper, television, and magazine stories about the latest nutrition research or fads, which are often conflicting. When following this advice, many people then find that it does not result in improved well-being, as expected. Thus, while such sources of information are certainly useful in some ways, they often also leave us confused about what we should be eating and present a challenge to people wanting to improve their nutrition and overall health.

Confusion arises partly because the concept of a “good diet” assumes that we all have the same nutritional needs. We don’t. We all have different health profiles and life circumstances and therefore unique nutritional requirements. There is no such thing as a universal diet which suits everyone.

Nutritional Therapists have long-recognised the importance of individual lifestyles and  biochemical make-up and thus the potential flaws present in transferring dietary guidelines designed for the general population to dietary recommendations for optimising individual health.

So why not call one of our expert Nutrition Coach team members to find out if your diet  is right for you?

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