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Metabolic Balance works for me too!

Just received a fantastic testimonial from one of my male clients, so thought I’d share that with you.  Weight loss seems to be something mostly talked about by women, and yet it’s a problem shared by both sexes.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with some very focused and motivated male clients, and here’s one of them, in his own words:

For many years I had been trying to shift a good 25 lbs.  However the result was always the same.  I would lose 5 to 10 lbs then grind to a halt and over the next few months it would slowly creep back.  A common story I am sure.

In January 2010 decided that I needed to do something different.  Either that, or it would be another 10 years talking about losing weight without real success.  My brother (a doctor) convinced me to try metabolic balance, and the result has been amazing.  In 6 weeks I lost a full 2 stone and 6 months on the weight has remained off.  Problem solved, you might say.

So how did it work where so many diets that I had tried had failed.  I would put it down to 3 things.  Firstly the diet is tailored to your metabolism.  Through levelling my metabolism and sugar levels I was able to eat significantly fewer calories (c 1500 calories a day as a bloke) and not feel hungry – this really surprised me and was key to me achieving the diet whilst working hard in an demanding job.  Secondly, the regular consultations I had with Sanna were extremely useful.  Sanna helped me to understand which elements of the diet drove maximum benefit and how to flex the diet post weight loss to ensure that the weight stayed off.   Thirdly, now the weight is off, I know how to keep it off and, if it creeps back on, I have a tool for shifting it fast that I know works.

If you’d like to find out more about Metabolic Balance and weight loss, get in touch with our London clinic.

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