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Metabolic Balance, the perfect bikini diet

Sanna Anderson talking about the Metabolic Balance

Sanna Anderson talking about the Metabolic Balance

Last week we were asked to come and talk about the Metabolic Balance programme at The Spirit of the Summer Fair in Olympia.  Amidst the loveliest beach wear and sandals it was great talking to people about their weight loss goals.  The warm weather brings with itself less clothing, and more attention the extra curves often accumulated over the winter months.

I have spoken to so many women who have been frustrated by various different weight loss programmes that haven’t helped them achieve their goals.  Or worse still, they’ve achieved their goal, only to put the weight back on in a very short space of time, plus some!

The difference with Metabolic Balance programme is that it is not only tailor made to your individual needs, but it also addresses many of the underlying biochemical and hormonal issues that can have an impact on weight loss.   For me as a nutritionist, the best part of the programme is the fact that it teaches the participants how to eat healthy foods that suit their individual metabolism.  I’m not a great fan of meal replacements or overly restrictive diets.  Once you’ve achieved your target weight after these types of diets, it’s often really difficult to integrate back into real life and work out how to eat to sustain your weight loss.

Metabolic Balance makes the re-integration easy, and therefore is much more successful for sustained weight loss than many other programmes.  If you’d like to find out more, get in touch and book in for a free consultation to help assess your suitability for the programme.

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