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Metabolic Balance client story

Instead of me going on about the wonderful benefits of the Metabolic Balance programme available at our London clinic, I thought I’d post a note that I got from a client when I asked her to write about her experiences of the diet.

“I decided to try MB, as I had a stubborn stone that I could not shift, even though I ate a healthy balanced diet and exercised regularly. This weight was particularly around my stomach.

I started the MB programme with trepidation, I had never been on a ‘diet’ in my life, and was actually opposed to them, as I have seen in my work that they never seem to work. I found the first week and a half incredibly hard. Weighing food was completely alien to me, and trying to think of interesting meals that didn’t involve starchy carbs was really hard work. Even though I was actually eating more at breakfast and lunch time, I found that I was feeling absolutely starving all of the time, more hungry that I had ever been before! I also really struggled with my blood sugar, and had quite bad mood swings.

I was on the verge of giving up. I was fed up with reading about people on the programme who claimed that they never felt hungry when I was, to be honest, feeling pretty lousy. Then suddenly, towards the end of the second week every thing changed. I felt great, had loads of energy, and had lost 4 inches from my waist! I wasn’t hungry until just before meal times, and I was not missing starchy carbs at all.

Saying that, it was still a relief to get through the first 2 weeks, and have a takeaway and a glass of wine once a week! When you have this to look forward to, it certainly doesn’t feel like depravation, as a lot of ‘diets’ can. The interesting thing is that my cravings completely stopped. No longer was I craving wine after the kids had gone to bed, or something to snack on an hour after dinner. Also I was able to go to children’s parties, and not feel at all tempted by all the crisps and biscuits, which was a really strange experience. I found myself staring at a pile of biscuits absolutely shocked that I had no desire to eat them at all!

The other bonus of MB is that my PMT has completely gone! I would normally have quite bad PMT for a week before my period, so I knew that it was imminent, but now I am completely taken by surprise! I’m sure my family are happy about this.

I didn’t have a lot of weight to lose, and there was no dramatic weight loss for me. In 7 weeks on the programme I have lost 7kg, but I have lost 5 inches from my waist, 4” from my hips, and 3” from my chest. I have loads more energy, my moods are more stable, and my libido has improved, which was a surprising bonus!! Also, people are saying that my skin looks much better.

I have reached my target weight, and although I am no longer weighing what I eat, I don’t think I will ever go back to eating loads of potatoes, pasta, bread and rice, as I have realised that I simply don’t need them, or indeed miss them. I am eating what I want at the weekends, and following the rules of the programme during the week, and am still managing to lose weight.

Sanna has been a great help though all of this, she is extremely knowledgeable and friendly, and it really helps that she has been through the programme herself. She was great during the initial wobbles, and was really supportive throughout.

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