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Lifestyle Tips for an ‘Apple’ Shaped Waist-line


One mistake that people make when their adrenals are stressed is doing far too much cardiovascular exercise thinking that this is what is needed to melt away that fat around the middle. Working the heart is good but it does not necessarily need to be high intensity. Working in a fat burning mode by monitoring the pulse rate can be much more effective that pushing yourself excessively on the treadmill or cross-trainer. Interval style training is a great idea as your body does not get a chance to become efficient & use less energy in response to repetitive exercise.

Resistance training is also very important with fat around the middle as the more metabolically active tissue we create in the body the better as more muscle equals more calorie & therefore fat burning.

Stress management

With ‘apple’ shaped weight gain, nothing is more important in your weight loss than stress management. The more things you can do to reduce the release of adrenaline & cortisol in your body the better. This means adopting ultimate self care & starting to put yourself first – you might consider:

- Earlier bed times

- Reducing the hours you work

- Delegating tasks

- Learning some relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises, meditation, yoga

- Taking time out to eat your food instead of doing so in a stressed state at your desk

- Don’t forget to have fun, laugh & spend time with your friends – the best stress buster available to you.


If you’re wondering if your weight is being affected by the stress hormone cortisol & adrenal stress give us a call on 0845 0502 442 for further investigation & solutions.



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