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Life Coaching Tips – Be Nice to Yourself!

Well, the Summer holidays are well and truly behind us – and we are starting the long march into darker Winter nights!  Remember be kind to yourselves – here are some of my top favourite ways just to say (to yourself) I deserve it!

1.    Indulge in some luxury oil for the bath and pamper yourself with a long soak.

2.    Book some time in the diary for your hair and nails and a massage!  Or find a beauty college/massage college that offers more reasonable treatments for student practice

3.    Buy a trashy book – or even not so trashy book – I love Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert –

4.    Try the Pzziz – good for a quick break during the day and great for getting you off to sleep –

5.    A great tip from my colleague, Hilary – buy a slow cooker. Cuisinart ones are good. Just bung in the ingredients and relax.

6.    Think about doing a detox – come on our wonderful New Year retreat.  Contact to find out more, or check our blog for the latest news -

7.    Don’t try and have a tidy house – it’s a losing battle!

8.    Live in the NOW – see “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle.

9.    Breathe!

10.  Celebrate the good things in life and don’t dwell on the bad

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