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Life Coaching in London

Design a new courageous future

The Nutrition Coach also specialises in Life Coaching, we are not just London Nutritionists – we are sometimes doing straight “Nutrition Coaching” – ie getting people where they want with their eating and their life – but sometimes we widen out the brief to include looking at sorting people’s lives too.

For those of you that don’t know much about Life Coaching – life coaching really helps you formulate a plan for the future, getting you to prioritise according to your goals and values.   Sometimes people come to us wanting to sort out their nutrition but it is really their life that needs some adjustment as busy, busy schedules with no boundaries (staying super late at work) stops us taking care of ourselves and our health.  We become our very last priority and our goals and dreams start to get eroded.  Especially in a climate of fear, where because of economic forces people feel afraid to make change and ambitious plans for the future – lots of people at the moment are hanging on to a life they don’t want like barnacles on the bottom of a boat.  I help people design a new courageous future whatever the economic or political storms!

Until the end of September 2009 we are offering a free life coaching session (of 40 minutes)  with me,  Kate Cook – to see if the coaching process is for you.  You can do this on the phone if that is easier, although I always like to meet if possible  – my diary is limited so, the only rules are,  I am available on Mondays and Tuesdays between 10 – 4 (subject to availability) and you must ring in at the appointed time.  To arrange ring the switchboard 0845 050 2442 or contact us by email – check out the bit on life coaching first on the site.

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