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Life Coaching for the New Term

It is finally summer just when we thought it was Autumn – I am sitting here in glorious sunshine and enjoying every minute of it!

I look on September as the beginning of the new term – so, if you haven’t don’t so already – it is time to make a plan for the next three months – what are your goals and aspirations?


I am just about to sit down and work out what the next three months hold for me.  We so often just live life without having a real sense of where we are going or what we want to achieve.  You could book in with me and we could do a brainstorm together.  I  love doing this!  I had a client on the phone yesterday ringing from Spain – and although we couldn’t sort out totally in one session of Life Coaching, she has some small steps to put in place to carry her next life destination.  Take up the offer of an introductory session for free until the end of September (of course subject to my availability!)

Your body

Also once the summer excesses have worn off,  I find it a great time to review my diet generally thing about the DIET MOT – and get going with a plan!

The Universe!

I plan to start my meditation sessions again – I have thousands of books on meditation, but that of course, doesn’t actually make you meditate – it is the doing of it.  I will have to let you know how I get on with that one!

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