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Keeping the peace on long car journeys

If you’re off on a summer holiday with the kids this could mean a long car journey and the inevitable tantrums and fighting on the back seat en route to your destination. Help to keep the peace by packing some healthy energy boosting snacks. A dip in blood sugar levels can turn your child (or your partner for that matter) from an angel to the devil very quickly. Snacking in between meals can be a good way of keeping up energy levels and keeping mood stable, however choosing the right foods is vitally important.

The vast majority of snacks available at motorway service stations such as chocolate, biscuits and muffins are packed full of sugar – these provide a short lived sugar fix leaving you feeling tired. Rather than rely on service station snacks, get organised before you go and pack your own.

Try some of the following which can be easily transported in a Tupperware box:

  • Nuts, seeds and dried fruit
  • Raw carrot sticks or oatcakes with hummus
  • Falafels
  • Finger sandwiches (try rye bread, peanut butter and banana)
  • Easy to eat fruit (e.g. apples, bananas, satsumas)
  • Boiled eggs (ready peeled)

Whilst these nutritious snacks can’t guarantee the end of tantrums on long journeys, they may well help!

Happy holidays!


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