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Improve your energy with Metabolic Balance

I believe dieting isn’t just about weight loss.  It’s also about creating changes in your eating habits that increase your general wellbeing, both body and mind.  Weight loss should lead to healthier improved physical and mental performance as well as emotional balance.

To achieve this you need a weight loss programme that gives your body all the nutrients it needs.  Metabolic Balance diet programme is exactly that.  It’s a personalised nutrition programme created uniquely for you, using an extensive set of laboratory value from your blood analysis.

The plan includes meals that contain foods that promote a regulated insulin response, which in turn re-balances hormones and subsequently results in a more healthy and balanced metabolism.  The balanced metabolism means that you have less cravings, have steadier energy levels and generally feel better in addition to losing weight.

If you’d like to find out more and get some spring in your step, book in for your free initial consultation!

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