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What is IBS?

Lots of people contact us desperate to sort out their IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) symptoms -  The first thing to do if you suspect you have IBS is to pay a visit to your GP as he is the best person to refer you to any specialist if he suspects that your symptoms are serious.  Once these expert medical practitioners have determined that there is nothing they can to help you, and that your symptoms are what they diagnose as IBS – then please come and see us  – we have a good track record of sorting out guts (check out our testimonials).  For almost 10 years we have been sorting out guts and loving it.  What is IBS?  A collection of gut symptoms ranging from constipation to bloating,  gut pain to diarrhoea and sometimes apparent food intolerances.

When someone comes to see us the first thing we might do is to get them to fill in a questionnaire that they bring in at their first appointment.  We ask loads of questions to try and get to the bottom of what might be affecting their health.  We might determine that a gut test is needed (comprehensive digestive stool analysis)
At the first appointment we would most likely make some changes to diet and lifestyle that could immediately help the symptoms.  Changes in diet will, for the most part, only really address the symptom rather than the cause.  Doing the gut test looks at trying to get the bottom of what has been affecting you much more specifically.

We would normally then see you again after about four weeks once we have the results back – We would first see how the dietary changes went and make any changes to that strategy.  At The Nutrition Coach we are trying to be practical and make small consistent changes that you can do long term.  Radically changing the diet from the word go, is a recipe for disaster as you will not be able to keep this up long term and will soon slip back into old habits and the symptoms will re-emerge.

At the second appointment we would normally have the gut test back – and from this we would devise the strategy.  The route cause could be parasites, and as unpleasant as this might sound, it is amazingly common.  The other causes can be inherent food intolerances, or low gut immunity,  lack of digestive enzymes, inflammation, bacterial or yeast infections,  disbiosis (that is the friendly and unfriendly bacteria in the gut not being in balance)

Once we know the cause we can get working on trying to restore balance – this is generally something that we cant guess that is why, although pricey, we pretty much have to do the gut test.  Getting back the balance is a matter of determination and patience – but good results can be seen in about three months but you need to keep going with the strategy for sometime after this and before you say, “Gut symptoms?  What gut symptoms?”

Find out more about  IBS and contact us to make an appointment at one of our London nutrition clinics.


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