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IBS case history

Sarah came to see me last April complaining of constipation, stomach pains and tiredness.

The first thing we did was improve her diet – she had got into the habit of grabbing a muffin and a coffee on the way into work, and sometimes not eating again until 4.00pm!  I get her to eat breakfast!  I do this a lot with patients and in over 10 years of practice – I think I have seen just a handful of patients having a really proper start to the day.

She told me a bit about her life – she had recently been made redundant but had found another job quickly but had gone through a period of real worry and stress – she was trying to compensate in her new job by being extra diligent and putting in loads of extra hours of hard work.

I got her to do 2 biochemical tests – An adrenal stress index (which tells us how her stress hormones are affecting her gut) and a gut test to see what the function of her gut was like.

When she came back after a month – her IBS (irritable bowel) was a lot better but still giving her problems – but as we had her test results back I was really expecting to find what the problems was from them.  We found that the gut test showed that she had a very common parasite called Blastocystis hominis, and a bacterial infection called Klebsiella, very low gut immunity and an inherent problem with gluten.  Her friendly bacteria were also very low. Her adrenal profile showed that her stress hormones were very low (exhausted) and she was unable to cope with the amount of stress in her life.

The test we use showed that gluten was a problem and so before dealing with the parasite or bacterial infections – I got her to slowly change her diet.  I gave her a course of probiotics too.  Then we dealt with the infections with herbal intervention.  We only have about a 60% chance of getting rid of the Blasto but luckily she responded well to the herbs and when we retested it showed that this tricky customer had gone.

More importantly Sarah is feeling a lot better – no pain and better energy.  As the Blasto can cause constipation, getting rid of it has made her whole digestion function better.

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