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The health benefits of organic food

This week my local health food stores have been tempting everyone’s taste buds with samples of their delicious organic ranges.  These activities are part of the Organic Fortnight campaign, which is being run by the Soil Association between September 5 and 20, to help raise awareness of the benefits of eating organic.

Organic food and farming is a topic of much debate, but for me the reasons for eating organic are certainly clear.  From a health perspective, organic food contains higher nutrient levels including more vitamin C, beta-carotene, anti-oxidants, magnesium and iron, due to the natural methods used to manage the land which allows nutrient-rich soils and crops to develop.  Organic food is also free of the over 300 chemical pesticides that are routinely used in non-organic farming.  A non-organic apple, for example, contains on average 16 different pesticide residues.  There is a lack of research on the combined effect of these chemicals, and research has linked pesticides to health problems including infertility, lowered immune function and nervous system disorders.  In addition, the routine use of antibiotics in farm animals is banned under organic standards, meaning organic meat and dairy products do not contain high levels of antibiotic residues.  As well as the health benefits, organic food also considers animal welfare and environmental diversity.  I think these are wonderful reasons to celebrate Organic Fortnight – so why not check out your local farmers market or organic box schemes to see what they have to offer?

Excess toxicity from our food and environment overloads the organs of elimination and with it causes a variety of symptoms.  Eating organic food is an easy step to reducing our exposure to toxins and is particularly important when on a detox diet.

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Julia Alderman

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