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Happy 4th of July!

After living in the US for 8 years one of my favourite holidays was the 4th of July – so happy 4th! It meant throwing on a swimsuit, shorts and a baseball cap and spending time with friends at the beach, watching a parade, going to carnivals, baseball games and watching spectacular fireworks etc. Okay. so you might be wondering why I’m going on about an American holiday. The best part of the day was firing up a barbecue in the evening and gorging yourself silly on corn on the cob, hamburgers, hot dogs, crisps, ice cream and lots more. Now although we don’t celebrate the 4th of July, we sure do BBQs. A few ideas to make your BBQs nice and healthy this summer:
1. If you’re eating corn on the cob don’t add butter. There is no need to flavor it with fat when corn is already very sweet and flavorful. Opt for lemon instead and a little bit of crunchy sea salt.

2. Instead of beef burgers try turkey or chicken burgers. If your butcher or local supermarket doesn’t have them ready made just ask for some minced turkey breast (actually it’s even better if you get minced turkey because then you can season it). My favorite turkey burger is a Mar-a-lago recipe found on Oprah’s website – check it out!
You will never find a more delicious burger. Opt for the gobbler instead of the moo, it’s lower in fat and cholesterol.

3. Try grilling fish on the barbeque as a nice alternative to meat.

4. Opt for skinless chicken breast fillets if cooking chicken.

5. With meat choose lean cuts or trim off portions of fat.

6. Try a dry spiced rub instead of oily marinades.

7. Don’t forget the veggies! Most vegetables grill well on the BBQ directly and in skewers.

8. On the side try a mixed green salad or a grain dish such as barely, quinoa or couscous.

9. Avoid the desert. Opt for summer seasonal fruits. Try fruit salads with low fat yogurt or chocolate covered strawberries.

10. Avoid overdoing your portions sizes (even though it tastes, and smells, so good)

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