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Is it food intolerance or something else?

When Food Intolerance is actually something else – getting back to the root causes

James came to see me in January with symptoms of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) – he had seen his doctor who had rule out the possibility of anything serious and the doctor had given him som peppermint oil to help with cramping symptoms.  James was convinced he had food intolerance as the symptoms seemed to get worse when he ate certain foods – the trouble was that on some occasions even when he avoided certain trigger foods he still had the symptoms.  He was keen to learn just what foods were to blame as try as he might he couldn’t see a pattern.  

When he came to me I took a detailed case history ( asked him loads of questions) and it turned out the symptoms had started at Christmas time with a bout of gastric flu –  before that he said he had a very sturdy gut.  He said he was able to eat anything!   This gave me the clue that perhaps rather than food intolerance -this might be a case of infection.  Instead of a food intolerance test I got him to do a gut test instead ( stool test)..  The results took about four weeks to come back and in the meantime we worked on improving his diet – although improving the diet did help improve the symptoms somewhat, the symptoms were still there.

Once we got the results back he had a very common parasite (very common in the UK) B.hominis –  This parasite makes the gut more sensitive to foods and in his case was the root of the problem.  We worked on getting rid of this parasite and improving gut ecology and immunity.   Now five months later he is in a much better position – his symptoms are heaps better.  We still have work to do but with persistence we can definitely see light at the end of the tunnel!

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