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Energising enzymes & detoxing

Last week I did an accidental detox, which started with a trip to one of my favourite London restaurants, Saf.  Saf’s botanical menus offer food in its purest, freshest form with most dishes being cooked below 48 degrees celsius and therefore technically classified as raw.

The secret with raw food, which makes it so perfect for detoxing, is that it is rich with enzymes which are a vital element of good health.  Enzymes are highly specific and are involved in almost every action in our body, such as digestion, energy production, metabolism, cellular repair, mental function, and liver detoxification.  Without enzymes our body would literally grind to a halt.  Food enzymes have been shown to contribute to restoring health and vitality on all levels by adding to our own enzyme supply.

The catch however is that enzymes are extremely heat sensitive and are destroyed by cooking food above 48 degrees celsius.  To up your enzyme intake it is therefore great to include some raw fruit or vegetables with every meal, even just a simple side salad or some sprouts, such as alfalfa, sprinkled on hot dishes is hugely beneficial.  If you want to be inspired with gourmet raw dishes, then try Saf, where even the raw chocolate tart is full of energising enzymes.  The food tastes so good, you might find you naturally gravitate to foods in their natural raw state for a few days and end up doing an accidental detox too.

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