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Embracing Food – Nutrition Case Study

Many people come to our clinic seeing food as a battlefield. They are afraid of food as it seems that it conspires against them – it becomes the enemy – food is then something that people think about constantly. How can it be avoided? How can they justify having a “treat”? How can they get out of eating at a dinner party? Should they have that ice cream and if so when?

At The Nutrition Coach the best method we have for teaching people how to have a normal relationship with food and see food as a celebration is our Dump The Diet course. We are teaching people to see that of course you need structure and rules but the rules should never actually “lead”. In other words we should understand that food is not the enemy but a wonderful gift to be enjoyed.  We introduce people to the concept of seeing food through the eyes of our “grown up selves” – in other words if we celebrated all the time i.e. did what we wanted then of course we have to accept the consequences of that as adults. We may put on weight for example or our choices may affect our energy – so food becomes about choices. It is not about being restricted and told off if we don’t make those good choices, the only responsibility is to ourselves.

Of course if we celebrated all the time then food would not be a celebration it would just be something normal! So celebration is just that – something we do occasionally but not every single day. But when we do celebrate it is important to enter into that celebration (without going nuts and stuffing our faces!) – Celebration is about more than the food.  It is about community, sharing, happiness, (think weddings) hope (think Christenings) family – Food has been used since the dawn of time to mark something very special about being human!

When Katy came to see us she saw food as something that constantly occupied her every waking thought. On a trip to Spain to celebrate her 10th Wedding anniversary, ALL she thought about was when and if she should treat herself to an ice cream and then feeling guilty for “giving” in to her food desires – then bashing herself up mentally for caving in on her “diet”. After doing the Dump The Diet course (we do this course as personal one on one sessions) – she learnt to relax about food – she learnt strategies to cope with celebrations that didn’t cause her to go the other way and binge…in short she grew up around food and food choices!

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