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Dump The Diet

I have just had a lady write an email to us wondering if she is suitable to go on our Dump The Diet course or not – I think she sounds ideal as she is stuck in what I call Dieting Mentality – meaning she is trapped on a cycle of dieting bingeing – punishing (being ultra “good”) then bingeing (and being so called “bad”) – ultimately, the only way out of the trap is to tread much more of a mid-path ie. don’t be super good or super “bad” – know your boundaries and then eat “normally”  A big aim of the course is just getting people to be friends with food again

Of course some people really are firmly stuck in horrible patterns (subconscious childhood patterns) it is much more difficult to change these habits consciously but most people once they are aware of what they are doing and what they can do to fix it, can change -  I did it myself.  Before I was a Nutritional therapist and didn’t understand those boundaries, I thought I did eat a really healthy diet – now I know what I am doing,  I dont even think about dieting/being fat/being thin – I just GET ON WITH BEING NORMAL (well, being normal when it comes to eating!)

Find out more about our Dump The Diet weight loss system and contact us to make an appointment at one of our London nutrition clinics.

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