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Dump the Diet May Offer

- Do you want to lose weight, feel healthier & more energetic?

- Have you tried every diet going without long-term success?

- Do you easily lose motivation or lack the will power to stick to a diet?

- Do you want to get off the diet treadmill forever, change your attitude to food, and liberate yourself from ever having to worry about your weight again?

If this sounds like you, a family member, or a friend, our personalised weight loss programme will offer all of you a refreshingly different approach.


This month we’re adding an EXTRA BONUS SESSION to our course completely FREE when you or a loved one sign up to the course.

All you have to do is quote the special offer code: “BONUS-SESSION” when you call.


For a life-time of better eating and easier weight control – what’s it worth?

The whole course is just £450 in total for a 1 hour initial consultation, and 6 follow-ups (usually 5 follow-ups). This extra bonus session is worth an additional £60!


The offer is available on courses booked before Wednesday 15th June.

If you or a friend is up for getting off that dieting treadmill once & for all, please call 0845 0502442 now and quote the special offer code: “BONUS-SESSION” when you call.


I must admit that I wasn’t sure about the system when I started my journey with Kate and The Nutrition Coach. Looking back now I see that the small changes weren’t hard to implement (they come in at a very slow pace). I think the most rewarding thing about this diet is that you feel proud about the food you eat and that the food itself is so tasty and varied you don’t feel like you’re on a diet at all. The benefits come quickly: better skin, more energy through out the day etc. And yes, you also start seeing your body getting smaller and smaller… but in a natural way. I can say with certainty that these changes are for life. Catarina, TV Producer, London

“…making small changes to my diet wasn’t at all an upheaval and didn’t feel anything like a diet!!” Hannah, London

“… I felt that for the first time in many years I wasn’t afraid of food and could relax about it…” Sarah, full-time mum, London

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