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Dump the Bikini Diet – DUMP THE DIET INSTEAD!

The most horrible thing about this time of year is the wholly unnatural panic about the so-called Bikini Diet – WHO is wearing bikinis anyway except 19 year old models – Don’t panic if you need to lose a couple of pounds – just get ON with the action! Ie – Get to know what you have to do (easy) then apply it (more difficult)!  Just Dump The Diet!

The main thing is when you are trying to lose weight is not to go into a spin – these things can often take longer than we expect.  I met a lady today in my yoga class who said she was happy to lose 2 lbs a month (yet the pressure from the media/ourselves is 2lbs a week!  Yet, if she keeps this up she will have lost 24 lbs in a year..quite a lot.  So, if you are in a flap about your August hols and baring all on the beach – remember that is 3 months off yet – 6lbs is perfectly respectable!   Anyway, best not to get hung up with the amount of weight on the scales – just keep an eye on the waistband of the trousers!  Never buy a bigger pair of trousers!

Dump the Diet

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