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In a time of credit uncertainty and increased anxiety, the sales of chocolate are up. The feel-good food, considered the ‘affordable luxury’. People are drinking more too. But will these crutches really support you through your hour of need?

We all enjoy the thought of red wine and dark chocolate being rich in antioxidants and therefore nourishing choices that we can call upon. But maybe now is the perfect time to accept their damaging effects and to turn to good nutrition to support your body through the stress of the economic changes. Whilst good food choices will support your body, poor choices will contribute to anxiety, fatigue, interrupted sleep and depression.

A supportive diet is one that keeps your blood sugar levels even and is rich in anti-stress nutrients. Your foods crutches should therefore nourish you with B vitamins, vitamin C, magnesium and zinc. Your kitchen cupboards should be stocked with wholegrains, beans, seeds and nuts and your fridges filled with fresh fish, fruit and vegetables. Sugary snacks should be replaced with alternatives such as oat cakes with hummus, natural yoghurt with berries or a piece of fruit with a handful of nuts. Instead of seeking a short boost from caffeine or alcohol, now is the time to experiment with roobios, green and herbal teas which are hydrating and wont leave you feeling exhausted.

By making the right food choices and nourishing yourself through the stressful times you can achieve a consistent, high level of energy, reduced anxiety and emotional balance. So, be aware of what crutch you reach for in your hour of need and ask yourself whether it really is supportive. In my mind good health is certainly more luxurious than any chocolate – and affordable too.

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