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Detox and psoriasis

Last week The Nutrition Coach had the pleasure of delivering a corporate nutrition day at a top bank in the city, as part of a corporate wellness day.  During the day a surprising number of people asked me about the link between detoxing and skin health, and in particular how detoxing helps to clear psoriasis.

Psoriasis is one of the most common skin complaints and whilst it can flare up for reasons such as stress, as with many skin problems, there is a significant link between gut health and toxin overload.  Poor digestion can result in proteins being insufficiently broken down, which creates excessive toxicity in the gut.  Any build-up of toxins also has a knock-on effect of burdening the liver, which usually filters out the toxins from the gut before they circulate round the body, but if it is overloaded it becomes less efficient at this.

A diet to help psoriasis therefore needs to support good digestive and liver health.  This is why detox principles are perfect, as negative foods such as alcohol, sugar, common irritants (such as wheat and dairy) are avoided and pure whole-foods are emphasised.

Find out more about how a detox plan can help psoriasis and contact us to make an appointment for a consultation at one of our London nutrition clinics.

Julia Alderman

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