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Detox with asparagus

Last week a report published in the Journal of Food Science indicated that extracts of both the leaves and shoots of asparagus could help protect the liver against toxicity.  The study looked at the effects of alcohol and hydrogen peroxide on liver cells and found that toxicity was significantly alleviated by the asparagus extracts.  Specific enzyme pathways in the liver were found to be up-regulated by the asparagus, causing faster clearance of the toxins.

This study shows that, as well as helping to alleviate hangovers, asparagus may offer protection to liver cells against toxic insult.  The liver is the key organ for detoxification and any detox programme therefore focuses on ensuring that the liver is working as efficiently as possible.  If you’re looking to clean-up your diet and detox your body then this study is a wonderful excuse to add asparagus to your shopping list and eat it until your liver’s content.

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