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Detox in the countryside

Last week research was published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health demonstrating that living around ‘green space’ improves your health, and the impact is particularly noticeable in reducing the rates of mental health problems.

Im sure to most of us this isn’t new news.  Most, if not all, or us feel noticeably more uplifted when we’re out in nature, walking in the countryside, relaxing by the sea or enjoying fresh mountain air.  However, if you live in London or another big city and are juggling a million different commitments it can be difficult to find the time to escape to the countryside for that much needed boost and advanced planning is definitely needed.

The Nutrition Coach is holding its detox retreat from 21-24 January and is set in the glorious Dorset countryside, where you’ll be surrounded by a sea of green and will truly be able to re-connect with nature.  This is a perfect way to start 2010 and will leave you feeling happier, healthier and on track for the year ahead.

Find out more about our New Year detox retreat or contact us to book an appointment at one of our London nutrition clinics.

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