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Don’t crash diet

You ate, drank and made merry all through the festive season. “So what?” you thought, “it can wait till January. Well, January has come, and now, what a hangover! And not the boozy kind, either. I’m talking about what’s drooping over the top of your (once skinny) jeans.

If you want to shape up in a healthy way and keep your New Year’s resolution for longer than a week, don’t make the most common diet mistakes I’ll share with you over the next couple of weeks.

Diet Mistake Number 1: Crash Diets

Yes, it does sound tempting, losing six pounds in four days! If you can stick to that juice or soup or three-bowls-of-cereal-a-day diet for a couple of days, you’ll be even fitter than before Christmas.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t really work this way. If you follow a crash diet where you cut out major food groups (e.g. carbohydrates or fats) or only concentrate on a small variety of foods, you are not only missing out on vital nutrients for optimum health and well-being, but are very likely to:

a) end up developing cravings for those foods you cut out which probably means you’ll

b) stuff your face uncontrollably in the evening or at night or any social events.

You are also likely to put back on all the weight you lost (and more) when you go back to eating normally (yo-yo affect anyone?). You will also probably be hungry, grumpy, and low in energy most of the time you are following that specific crash diet. And is January not depressing enough as a cold, dark month?

What you might not know is that your body doesn’t realise you are dieting and instead thinks there’s a famine, resulting in your metabolism slowing down based on your calorie intake. This will make it even harder for you to lose the weight and even easier for you to put it all back once you go back to your normal eating behaviour.

The key is to make healthy changes to your diet that will automatically provide you with more nutrients to balance your blood sugar levels and keep your metabolism up. Think swapping your juice for an actual piece of fruit, your sugary cereal for porridge, or your potatoes for brown rice.

My first tip for achieving your New Year’s Resolution: Start a food diary and write down everything you eat and drink throughout the day. It’ll help you to understand your eating behaviours, strengths and weaknesses, and show you where you can make some positive changes in your diet.

Now go out and by that diary! You’ll find them in the sale, and you’ll be surprised at what they uncover.

Here’s to a healthy and happy 2011!

Best wishes,


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