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Doing in-house presentations for companies is one of the highlights of my job.  I have presented at 3 top banks this month – and we generally have a really fun but it is also really practical too.

Often the format is a presentation of about 45 minutes – I never talk with power-point – as  power-point is used enough as a business tool and I really want to engage the audience I speak to.  I am passionate about my subject but I aim to be highly practical too.  Nutrition and lifestyle changes have to be do-able in everyday life – the theory cant out weigh making real change.  Nutrition also needs a good dose of humour pumped into it, in my opinion,  or it could be quite a worthy and dry subject – so, I aim to pitch it that way and we have a lot of fun too.

I did a conference the other day – where we did a test called a zinc taste test – where we were testing to see if the delegates were short of this important mineral (important for immunity and the stress reaction)   It is a real talking point!

I rang a bank that I went to talk at a month ago – and what was stunning is that all the group had made some small changes to their diet and they were all feeling more energised, and vibrant as a result.

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