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How chili peppers aid weight loss

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight then i’m sure you’ve been tempted by the allure that chilli peppers may hold the answer.  The secret ingredient in chili peppers with potential health benefits, including helping weight loss, having anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant properties is a compound called capsaicin. 

New research in the Journal of Proteome Research suggests that the capsaicin in chili’s may aid weight loss by stimulating the expression of certain fat degrading proteins, and down-regulating other proteins that work to synthesize fat. The study was carried out with rats and showed that rats given capsaicin lost 8% more body weight compared with the non capsaicin fed rats on the same diet. 

Your gut might not thank you if you start munching on chili peppers in your pursuit to lose weight, but adding a little bit of spice to help flavour dishes may be a helpful addition and bring some potential health benefits.

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