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Children and Teenagers – Sport and Concentration

I’ve said it before – I really am in awe of all that our children achieve in their working days and weeks.  But I feel we have to be careful to make sure that it doesn’t come at a price.

If you’re like me you will be seeing the land of routine and deadlines looming large on the horizon.  The eternal juggling of ferrying various children to rugby training, football training, tennis coaching, piano lessons, drum lessons, karate and swimming to name but a few.  Let alone just getting them to school each day!  I’m all for children experiencing every opportunity possible BUT do they become so tired and overwhelmed that basic home family together time becomes fraught with the tension of unfinished homework and snatched food here and there to fill in the gaps?  Let’s not forget that they are also still growing and developing!  With this level of activity it’s all too easy to fall into the habit of cereals, sandwiches, toast and pasta.  All easy to prepare at short notice – (especially when all their mates descend as well!) but it can become a quick carb fix that gives them a short term energy boost followed by low blood sugar and fatigue.

Most children of this age group that I see are not eating anywhere near enough protein so the ONE recommendation I can make here as a starting point for the good health of your ‘youth’ to get that protein going.  Eggs for breakfast – scrambled eggs has to be the fastest food going.  If it needs to be pasta with tomato sauce – fine but add a grilled chicken breast or salmon fillet on top with a large side salad.

Do contact one of The Nutrition Coach team for the next most important  FIVE  recommendations on how to help your ever growing family have the best of health for all they wish to achieve.

Good luck with that juggling and remember to look after your own nutrition so you have the energy to pick up the pieces!

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