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Bloating caused by lack of digestive enzymes

Sometimes  when people suffer from bloating and gas,  it can often be down to how their bodies are breaking  food – their digestion is just not up to digesting and processing!  We assess someone’s digestion holistically, meaning we look at their health in context of what is going on in their general  health and their life to get a full picture of what we might do to help

A lady in her 30’s came in last month to the Harley Street clinic suffering from bloating and gas, wind, and stomach pain – frequent trips to the loo where beginning to get her down! Doctors sometimes diagnose this as irritable bowel syndrome.   Her energy was at zero too.   I asked her to complete two biochemical tests – first a gut test (comprehensive digestive stool analysis) and also an adrenal stress profile, which looks at stress hormones (cortisol – flight and flight hormone) and a recovery hormone, DHEA.   She had been really under the cosh at work and had moved countries 5 times in the last five years!

The gut test showed a chronic lack of pancreatic enzymes – digestive enzymes (the lowest I’d seen actually) – fermented foods and bacteria where causing the bloat!   Her adrenal profile came back, with very low cortisol levels  - no wonder she felt tired, she literally had no gas in the tank (adrenal fatigue)

We have worked out a programme – first addressing dietary habits (but in a do-able way – there is no point in doing something so complicated that you cant follow it!) and then giving her some major digestive support.  We will look at lifestyle adjustments to get the stress hormones under control to start with, and then we will work on giving her some nutritional support there too!
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