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Worried about the signs of ageing?


Everyone it seems these days is on a quest to stay looking young and beautiful, and to defy the signs of ageing! There are now thousands of beauty products which we apply daily with the hope of banishing wrinkles. Cosmetic surgery is growing enormously in popularity with celebrities at the forefront, many of whom regularly get a botox fix. There are also hundreds of anti-ageing supplements now on the market which claim to help keep wrinkles and degenerative diseases at bay.

Like many people, I would prefer to grow old gracefully and don’t like the idea of going under the knife, not to mention spending huge amounts of money on surgery. Many of us are more interested in staying youthful and healthy the natural way through a healthy diet, lifestyle and supplements.

Yet, how do we know what is good for slowing down the ageing process? Hardly a day goes by without media coverage on what is good or bad for us. But much of this press coverage can be confusing – one day goji berries are the new anti-ageing superfood, the next it’s broccoli, one day red wine is good for longevity, the next it is bad. So who are we supposed to believe? And how can we stay looking youthful without spending a fortune on anti-ageing creams and cosmetic surgery?

The Nutrition Coach has developed an exciting and inspirational course – Eat Yourself Young. The aim of the Eat Yourself Young course is to teach the key principles to holding back the years through food to keep you looking and feeling young. It also covers the best anti-ageing supplements, skincare for youthful skin, and how your lifestyle can affect the rate at which you age.

Find out more about our Eat Yourself Young course and contact us to make an appointment at one of our London nutrition clinics.


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