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10 resolutions you can keep for a healthy 2014

Whilst everyone is breaking their resolutions now,  its actually time to make them!

  1. Eat Breakfast – choose something that will sustain and manage your energy levels.  How about egg and rye toast soldiers?
  2. Hydrate ( I really like to use an alkaline filter jug – see
  3. Look at Fast Exercise, research is showing that you can do much less exercise but at higher intensity  – you don’t have to run a marathon!
  4. Practice Mindfulness – I love Mark William’s book “Mindfulness” but Ruby Wax’s book is a good read too “Sane New World”
  5. Yoga – call it stretching and it doesn’t seem so intimidating!  I love the Yoga for Runners App
  6. Get your running shoes out – I love the App 10K Runner (this coaches you to do a 10K run)
  7. Try an Organic Box scheme – I SUPER LOVE mine!  Abel and Cole (but there are probably local ones to where you live) – Make up a big soup at the end of the week if you don’t use all the veggies
  8. Try a supplement or super food – I am really into Dr Schulze’s Super Food Plus (a real challenge BUT its worth it) – great fro immediate energy!
  9. Take a fish oil – mostly we are deficient –I like Clean Marine krill oil
  10. Take care of your skin!  I use the Liz Earle stuff and love it.  Some minerals are best absorbed through the skin – Magnesium (magnesium oil, Better You) helps the muscles relax, and is said to aid sleep.

Remember to put your boundaries in at work – you have a life too!  Keeping you healthy and happy makes you happier and more efficient at work!  Everyone wins!
Go Well and have a Great year!

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